Sunday, 22 March 2015

Tibetan Manuscripts conference @ Chicago University

Feb 26th - 28th 2015

Conference at Chicago University, 
as part of the the development towards a future publication of
A Manual of Tibetan Manuscript Studies

The conference title:

Merits of the Book:
Buddhist Manuscript Traditions across Asia

The programme and abstracts PDF 
is linked  here

Titles in brief, in chronological order of presentation:

In Praise of Error 
 R. Salomon

Mapping the Early Technology of Paper in Central Asia
 A. Helman-Wazny

The Conditioned Genesis of the Dunhuang Manuscripts
S. Teiser
The Production of Sutras for the  Tibetan Emperor
B. Dotson

Writing Societies 
B. Lowe
(Ancient Japanese manuscripts)

Sacred Space of the Manuscript  
J. Kim
(Indic manuscripts)
All Manuscripts are Palimpsests 
G. Heyworth
 (spectral imaging)

The Archivist's Dilemma 
J. Wallman
(digital archiving)

Handwriting Identification in Tibetan Manuscripts
 S. van Schaik

Medical Culture & Manuscript Culture in Tibetan Knowledge Networks
S. van Vleet

Methods & Pathways in the Study of Digital Tibetan Manuscripts
 M. Sheehy

 Miscellany for a Manual of Tibetan Manuscript Studies
M. Kapstein

followed by a workshop discussion ("The Survivor's Ball" - MTK),
minutes taken by CEM

The proceedings were video-recorded by University of Chicago,
and should be available for viewing when ready.
Notification of the recordings will appear on Bod Blog.

A selection of photos from the conference follows:

Dr Agnieszka  Helman-Wazny (Hamburg)

Prof Stephen Teiser (Princeton U), with the backs of 2 former Oxfordians

Dr Brandon Dotson (Munich)

Professor Vesna Wallace (UCSB)

Dr Gregory Heyworth's (Mississippi) multispectral research demonstrated
a prior reading of the American Declaration of Independence...
Jefferson apparently had second thoughts.

from Dr Sam van Schaik's presentation, via Skype,
on Tibetan Handwriting

(click on photo to see enlarged)

Dr Stacey van Vleet (UCB),
on medical manuscripts

Dr Michael Sheehy (TBRC, Boston)

Professor Matthew Kapstein (Chicago/Paris)

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