Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Encore on the negatives found @ New Bodleian (now known as Weston Library)

As an update on  the posting from Mon 24 Sept 2012 below ( Negatives @ Bod ),
an article (by Dr Nathan W. Hill & Mr Charles Manson) has now been published about H.E. Richardson's photographic negatives
found @ New Bodleian in 2010
while tidying out before the Weston refurbishment.
The negatives are of an 18C Tibetan manuscript recording
the inscriptions on several Tibetan stelae (Tib. rdo rings)
(all created in late 8th-9th centuries CE, Central Tibet)

The article has been published in the volume
Epigraphic Evidence in the Pre-Modern Buddhist World, 
published by
Arbeitskreis fur Tibetische und Buddhistische Studien Universitat Wien.

Thanks to a generous Open Access grant by the Austrian Science Fund,
the volume has been made available by the publisher here

Prints of the negatives are available to view
on the Luna site, here