Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Talk by Bodleian Tibetan Collection librarian

On 1st July (tomorrow!) 
@ The Buddhist Society, London,
at 6.30 pm

The Origins of the Reincarnate Lamas 

Tradition in Central Asia


"One of the prominent features of the Tibetan Buddhist traditions of Central Asia and the Himalayan regions, suffusing social and political self-organization in those regions for almost a thousand years, are the ‘tulkus’ (sprul sku), known in English as reincarnate lamas or Living Buddhas. 
This talk will look at the beginnings of this tradition, and in particular the life and times of one of the primary originators of the reincarnate lama tradition, 
Karma Pakshi (1204/6-1283 CE), 
who was Buddhist teacher to two Mongol emperors in China"

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