Thursday, 17 April 2014

Snellgrove Chair for Tibetan & Buddhist Art

Breaking News: Christian Luczanits will join SOAS in the autumn 
as David L. Snellgrove Senior Lecturer in Tibetan and Buddhist Art

Monday, 31 March 2014

Tibetan Corpus Linguistics project

New research on Tibetan linguistics presented at SOAS,  financed by AHRC.
Audio files of the presentations available at the link below:
Dr Nathan Hill in action presenting the research project results

Ulaanbaatar 2013

Bodleian Libraries was represented at the 2013 conference of IATS XIII (International Association of Tibetan Studies), held this year in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.

IATS participants 2013 @ Ulaanbaatar
(click on photo to enlarge it)
Charles Manson gave a presentation in the Tibetan Information Technology panel, on
Development of a digital catalogue of the Bodleian Tibetan manuscripts: Bod Karchak @ the Bod.

 (Bod, pronounced bรถd is the transcribed Tibetan language word for Tibet, 
as well as being the 'nickname' for the Bodleian - a quirky pun
'Karchak' is the Tibetan word for catalogue or table of contents: dkar chag).

Tsong-kha-pa new set @ Bodleian

Set of Tsong-kha-pa works, gsung 'bum, now in Bodleian Library.

Set derived from 5 manuscripts and a blockprint, all in Potala collection.
See library catalogue record for the set at 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Gene Smith Green Books @ Bodleian

The minute (as in 'tiny', not 'time') memory stick containing Gene Smith's Green Books in PDF files recently arrived at Bodleian, as the library had agreed a couple of years back to participate in the sponsoring project.

The files are now installed on the Oxford Weblearn site, with kind technical assistance from Anne Simmons. The site for reading the works is accessible through logging in with Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO).
All the works are copyright.

A listing of the 69 volumes is here:

Listing of Green Books on TBRC website
[on subsequent website,
click through on  'Associated Works' tab]

Incidentally, I had the good fortune to drop in on TBRC a week after they had moved back to Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2012, and consulted the books there...

Below are photos of some of the team @ TBRC that were there at the time -
a heartfelt thugs rje che to them for the excellent work they do.

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Guess who?

Found last Thursday at MS Eng Misc d 1243/2 folio 162
in the Bodleian - with assistance from Colin Harris and Becky Wall.
Seems to be from 1920 (circumstantial evidence of labels in archive)
Who is the gentleman on the right?
Most Tibetanistas will have read 1 of, if not all, his Tibet-related works...

(answer provided in comments section below)