Monday, 5 May 2014

TBRC Core Text Collection - 11

Bodleian now has online access to, and the hard drive of,
the TBRC Core Text Collection number 11,
the 2014 collection.

TBRC statement re CTC 11:
" Among these 1,000 volumes selected from the TBRC Library,
this Core Text Collection includes works across a broad range of subjects and genres.
In particular, this collection emphasizes selections from Tibetan literature on monastic curricular textbooks (yig cha) detailing the 5 classical subjects of Indian and Tibetan Buddhist learning along with
over 150 volumes of different commentarial writings.
Major sub-themes include over 100 volumes on life writing (rnam thar),
over 50 volumes on religious and local cultural history (chos ‘byung and lo rgyus),
and over 40 volumes of scholarly reference materials (dpyad yig),
including multilingual dictionaries (tshig mdzod) and orthographic compendiums (dag yig).
There are numerous works about Tibetan medicine (gso rig),
polemical discourse (dris lan),
personal advice (gdams ngag),
instruction texts (khrid yig) of all kinds,
and several narrative works from the great Central Asian epic Gesar of Ling.
Larger collections include 16 different collected works (gsung 'bum)
and 10 compilations of miscellaneous writings (gsung thor bu), each by individual Tibetan authors,
as well as 20 composite volumes (phyogs bsgrigs). "

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