Sunday, 30 September 2012

Guess who?

Found last Thursday at MS Eng Misc d 1243/2 folio 162
in the Bodleian - with assistance from Colin Harris and Becky Wall.
Seems to be from 1920 (circumstantial evidence of labels in archive)
Who is the gentleman on the right?
Most Tibetanistas will have read 1 of, if not all, his Tibet-related works...

(answer provided in comments section below)

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  1. W.Y.Evans-Wentz (1878-1965)
    The gentleman on the left is probably Swami Satyananda, at Birbadhra, Rishi Kesh, UP, India in March 1920.
    E-W's manuscripts at Bodleian are listed at

    The file is digitally searchable, so Evans-Wentz references can be found by typing, e.g., "Evans" in the 'find' box.
    The 'halo' effect on the photo is merely an effect of the basement lighting and the protective conservation cover.